Welcome to Headhunters Martial Art Academy

Here at Headhunters we offer the highest level of martial arts training for complete beginners and experienced martial artists alike. Whether you want to get in great shape or you are looking to become a champion, we can help you achieve your goals.

We Specialise in

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    Muay Thai

    An ancient martial art that is also a modern-day sport, Muay Thai involves the use of punches, kicks, knees and elbows to attack an opponent. It is an exciting martial art, great for fitness and self defence.

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    Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

    MMA uses the most effective techniques from a range of martial arts such as Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ and Judo, combining them to form a modern day full contact combat sport.

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    Western Boxing

    Learn how to jab, bob and weave like Muhammed Ali and hit like Tyson.

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    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

    Classes focus on all aspects of ground fighting, including submissions, wrestling takedowns, control and escapes. No gi is required for these classes.

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    Learn the throws, takedowns and submissions of the ancient art of Judo. No gi is required for these classes. Sessions are taught with an emphasis on MMA competition.

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    Krav Maga

    Realistic self defence training, focussing on unarmed combat, and surviving knife and blunt weapon attacks. Sessions involve technical training and performance enhancing drills and sparring – designed to improve your ability to fight under pressure and from a position of disadvantage.

Our Edinburgh and Falkirk gyms are open to everyone, from all walks of life. We are proud of the diversity of our students and the friendly atmosphere of our academies.