Frequently Asked Questions

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Q : what is the best class for beginners to attend?

It’s best to attend one of the Muay Thai basics classes before attending any other martial arts class as this will give you a good grounding in the striking aspects of the martial arts and will really help to get you fit.


Q : do I need to let you know when I’m coming?

No need to let us know beforehand, just pop along whenever suits you.

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Q : what do I bring/wear to my first lesson?

Wear clothes that you’ll be comfortable working out in e.g. shorts or jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. There’s no need for training shoes as our gyms are fully matted and we train bare foot.


Q : do I need any previous experience?

No previous experience necessary. Just come along and have a go.


Q : can I just watch the first lesson rather than participate?

Yes, you’re welcome to come along and have a look. This doesn’t count as a lesson, so you’ll still be entitled to a free first lesson if you decide to participate at a later date.


Q : do I have to be fit to join? Should I get fit before joining?

Not at all. We are specialists in helping people get fit from zero to superhero, even if you’ve never taken part in any exercise before.


Q : how much do classes cost? Is there a joining fee?

There’s no joining fee, you simply pay for the classes and that’s it. Class prices can be found here.


Q : which classes can juniors attend?

We have kids Muay Thai classes on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays in our Falkirk gym (see the timetable). This is suitable for 6 – 11 year olds. We don’t teach children under 6 years old and we don’t teach young kids in our adult classes. If your child is between 12 – 17 years of age we consider them to be juniors and they’re welcome to attend adult classes. However, young juniors (12 – 14 years) must come with their own partner as we can’t pair them up with adults.


Q : if you pay monthly, can you go to any class at either gym?

Your monthly membership will allow you to drop into either Edinburgh or Falkirk branches of Headhunters but the majority of your classes will have to take place at the gym you initially sign up with due to the difference in prices.


Q : how much are personal 1-2-1 training sessions? What about group classes?

Private lesson prices vary depending on time, availability and number of participants. There are a limited number of personal training sessions available per week, so if you’re interested please contact us.


Q : what brand pads/gloves do you recommend I buy and from where?

We supply a full range of equipment to buy at very good prices, available at the Edinburgh and Falkirk gyms.