Personal Training

Accelerate yourself to the next level


Whatever your goal, whether you want to build confidence and self-esteem, get in shape for the summer, get fit for life or become a world class champion, get yourself there faster with a personal training session from one of our top coaches.


“No pipe dreams and no empty promises. You bring the “can-do” attitude, and we will help you with the rest. There is no tomorrow – take yourself to the next level TODAY!”  
Alex Sneddon, Head Coach


We’ve some of the best fitness and martial arts coaches Scotland has to offer, and any time spent with them will get you closer to your goals – guaranteed! This is no cheesy line, the proof is in the pudding and we’ve plenty of pudding – see our about page and our testimonials.


Each and every personal training session is uniquely tailored to suit you, your current needs and your goals. We are meticulous, we care about what we do and we love helping you succeed. There are no shortcuts, no gimmicks, no false promises. We will stay with you every step of the way in your journey to success. Whatever your goals and dreams, become your own champion sooner rather than later!


For information about prices, block booking discounts, small group sessions and availability please contact us here or drop us a message on Facebook.

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Whatever your goal, we will stay with you through the whole journey, helping you push to levels you never knew were possible. Sham, APC Coach